Letter from the CEO

When I was starting this foundation, my friend and director strategy, Ali bin Shaheen gave me some great advice:

“If you want to save your country, don’t go for small projects, take on the really tough challenges.”

I couldn’t agree more. Our foundation is teaming up with millennials across the globe to take on one of the toughest challenges in this country’s education sector – lack of funds/resources for students to secure higher education in Pakistan. At A&N, we believe that education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty, inequality and it lays a foundation for sustained economic growth. Our goal is to support community-led transformation such that no child is forced to drop out of college due to lack of resources. We all experience problems in our student lives. However, let us not forget that those problems vary in nature. While there are some students who can’t decide what country to visit next over the summer break, there are many more who are forced to cut back on meals so they have enough money for their upcoming semesters. For a lot of students out there, it’s a choice between finding money to go to college or not going to college at all. While we can’t always find answers for this imbalance on our planet, there is a lot we can do on our part to make sure that no one drowns as a result.

Ashaa (VP & Co -founder) and I are both optimists. We truly believe that everyone reading this letter can make a change today. Big or small, don’t underestimate the power of your drive to our cause.

Natasha Naveed
CEO & Co-Founder